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Singer & Pianist

Alyona Divas is an international singing pianist, arranger, model, dancer, born in Moscow. She has been a musician since she was 4. Initially, she used to be a talented pianist. When she was a teenager her lovely and sweet voice was discovered.

Her career as a singer started In the smooth jazz-soul-RnB style where she found some of her first inspirations. A big impact on her career was made by an acoustic performance in a famous jazz club of Alexei Kozlov in Moscow as a duo with Antonio Forcione -multi- award winning guitarist, composer.

Alyona is a technicaly briliant singer. She has a powerful voice, that has rich, deep texture throughout the range. Voice is tremendously versatile and emotive. Since her debut, Alyona’s scareer has continued to blosom.

In Moscow she was a resident at the most clasy venues. Then she decided to conquer foreign markets so she was touring in the Middle Eastand Asia.

Alyona is experienced performing solo, as a part of duo, trio, a live band, with dancers.

She is a highly sought performer in 5 star hotels, restaurants, clubs, corporate events, casino and weddings.

With her exquisite musical taste, Alyon Divas brings to life the concept of luxury music in all the genres that she works with. Her performance is the pulse of glam parties, night lounges and jazz clubs, and trendy fashion shows.

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