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Kristina Romanova is a talented DJ and sound producer from Russia. 

She is N10 of top100 Djanemag China 2017 and N6 Russian female djs by Djanetop 2018, also N73 by Sinodjs in China 2018.


She is remarkably one of the best female DJ in Moscow and has scored a number of gigs in different countries: Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Cyprus, Morocco, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Turkey, China, India, Malaysia, Norway, Italy, Nepal, Maldives, Taiwan and etc.


Day by day she is pumping her skills with producing of sound tracks in EDM style. You can find her tracks on Beatport and Soundcloud. Recently her track T&F began the track of the Week on Spinnin Talent Pool. Twitter - “We don't get a lot of demos from female dj's so we want to celebrate that fact!  Positive feelings only!” - Spinnin Records. 

DJ Romanova is a SLASE FM radio and Mioradio resident and her broadcasts of Nova radio Show always in Trending Chart on Mixcloud There is she’s an Official finalist of the Best Online Music Show in Pop style. Also she is Rising Star of the 2018 on Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.

DJ Romanova is full of positive energy, charisma and beauty and she plays a wide range genres from Pop commercial, Bollywood, Reggaeton, Tech, Deep to Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM.

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