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Introducing Shiylo, the talented DJ from Cameroon who now calls Abu Dhabi home. With a wealth of experience gained from playing at some of the city's top nightclubs, Shiylo has developed a unique sound that seamlessly blends the open format music of Abu Dhabi with his diverse musical background.

After a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shiylo is back and ready to take on the nightlife scene in Abu Dhabi. With his infectious energy and passion for music, he is sure to bring the party to any event.

Shiylo's ability to connect with crowds from different nationalities and backgrounds is a testament to his versatility as a DJ. He is comfortable playing everything from the latest hits to classic tunes from his homeland, creating an unforgettable experience that leaves audiences wanting more.

Having lived in Abu Dhabi for over 10 years, Shiylo has established a loyal following and a vast network of friends and collaborators in the local music scene. His friendly personality and infectious enthusiasm have made him a favorite among partygoers and industry professionals alike.

With his talent, experience, and dedication to his craft, there's no doubt that Shiylo is one of the most talented DJs in Abu Dhabi and beyond. Whether he's behind the decks at a club or entertaining a private event, Shiylo is sure to bring the heat and keep the dance floor packed all night long.

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